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Pathways for Afghan girls to learn, lead, and live freely

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After the fall of Kabul, we partnered with the student leaders of one of Afghanistan’s first coed schools to evacuate the school’s most at-risk girls and their community. Determined to continue their education, these girls played an active role in coordinating their own escape. Under duress, moving in small numbers from city to city and past Taliban checkpoints, they would eventually help the 30 Birds guide more than 450 Afghans, including family members and various activists for female education, safely across the border.

Most of our evacuees are now thriving in Canada, with others building new lives in the US, Europe and South America. The success of these efforts required a global community of supporters and friends, including ambassadors, Nobel laureates, Hollywood celebrities, parliamentarians, members of Congress, philanthropists, foundations, universities, law firms, journalists, human rights advocates, students, and the girls themselves.

Our girls dream of becoming leaders in their fields, promoting democracy and human rights, giving back to the countries that welcomed them, and helping those still in Afghanistan. In 2023 and beyond, we are committed to ensuring the educational and professional success of the girls we’ve evacuated, while creating opportunities for those who must continue living under the Taliban’s oppressive rule. We also seek to grow this global network of passionate people and organizations who support the right of Afghan girls to live fulfilling and successful lives.

30 Birds is now building several key education, mentorship and mental health support programs for the refugees in Canada - but we have also not forgotten the women and girls that were left behind. A major focus of our program is to continue to support girls education in Afghanistan and to create pathways to safety for 60-90 top performing female students each year. We will be assisting these scholars with university applications and scholarship opportunities.

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